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Dienstag, 29. November 2011

falling leaves.

Hey again,
I was thinking about writing another post TODAY, and, why not.
So, first of all I have to say that I really like the fall. It's the prefect mixture of summer and winter :D
You have these cold winds and you are able to wear nice scarves and jackets without dying by overheating yourself like it's the case in summer.
Snow would be great too, but then you wouldn't see the colorful leaves on the ground which are the most beautiful thing in fall I guess. Fall without the red, brown and orange leaves doesn't make sense at all :D
Actually, I really want to see the indian summer in America. Few weeks ago, I read that article about it in this tv-magazine, and it sounded absolutely stunning to me :)
I hope I will see it at some point of my life!
And because there is no indian summer in good ol' Germany, I have to go with our one fall.
Dont't get me wrong, it can be nice too over here, but there isn't this epic thing about it. Vast forest glowing in red and orange as far as you can see. Naaah.
But I've taken some pictures anyways. Enjoy them!

your drunken sailor.

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