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Dienstag, 29. November 2011

new look! ' i love college, ay, i love drinking, ay.'


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Okay, its at the bottom of the page. Does it stay there forever? I hope not!

Hey readers,
so this is my first fashion post :). I'm a lookbook.nu member and I will post every new look of mine RIGHT HERE :D And I hope I will be also able to post about the newest things in my wardrobe or even the things that SHOULD be in there. Like a green knit scarf, I'm lusting for it. I think I ask my girlfriend about that, she wanted to knit a scarf for me :> <3 <3

Even if I don't have that much time throughout the coming weeks, I still try to post as much as I could guys :> There are a lot of exams coming. Before christmas. Questo é scandaloso. This was italian, I am a part of the theatre course in my school and I have to play an italian business man. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? :> I pretty much ike it actually.

That's it for now.
your drunken sailor.

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