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Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

go hide yourself.

Lexy & K-Paul - Happy Zombies


partying, drinking, eating, sleeping. Actually everything I did last night :D. 
Unfortunately, there was a theatre-group meeting scheduled for 2:00 pm. I just wanted to stay in my bed the whole day, eat cookies and listen to music. And then go to another party. Birthday. Theatre was fun, anyway.
Everytime I think, Oh, the weekend, I'll just relax, it sounds like a very good idea to me, since there was a lot of stress the last weeks with tons of exams and afternoon spender in school. But then, when I'm sitting here, watching Family Guy or The Simpsons, I think of spending the night in a club or so. That's weird. I'm always bored to death :D
Anyway, I told you of some cookies. My mother baked tons of them yesterday. No shit. We have like 6 boxes full of cookies. 

So, yesterday, I was working on one of my tank tops. I've spilled some acrylic colors over it after I saw this once on asos.com or so, but I didn't want to spend money for it :D Selfmade is always the best.
This is the result:

I'm happy with it :)

BIG NEWS: Snow! Yeah! Hopefully we get a white christmas :) That would be great. 
But it is still not cold enough to keep the snow, it's melting in hours. However, it's SNOW! :D

your Drunken Sailor

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

falling leaves.

Hey again,
I was thinking about writing another post TODAY, and, why not.
So, first of all I have to say that I really like the fall. It's the prefect mixture of summer and winter :D
You have these cold winds and you are able to wear nice scarves and jackets without dying by overheating yourself like it's the case in summer.
Snow would be great too, but then you wouldn't see the colorful leaves on the ground which are the most beautiful thing in fall I guess. Fall without the red, brown and orange leaves doesn't make sense at all :D
Actually, I really want to see the indian summer in America. Few weeks ago, I read that article about it in this tv-magazine, and it sounded absolutely stunning to me :)
I hope I will see it at some point of my life!
And because there is no indian summer in good ol' Germany, I have to go with our one fall.
Dont't get me wrong, it can be nice too over here, but there isn't this epic thing about it. Vast forest glowing in red and orange as far as you can see. Naaah.
But I've taken some pictures anyways. Enjoy them!

your drunken sailor.

new look! ' i love college, ay, i love drinking, ay.'


This widget does not work ._. I  have to figure it out, damn it!

Okay, its at the bottom of the page. Does it stay there forever? I hope not!

Hey readers,
so this is my first fashion post :). I'm a lookbook.nu member and I will post every new look of mine RIGHT HERE :D And I hope I will be also able to post about the newest things in my wardrobe or even the things that SHOULD be in there. Like a green knit scarf, I'm lusting for it. I think I ask my girlfriend about that, she wanted to knit a scarf for me :> <3 <3

Even if I don't have that much time throughout the coming weeks, I still try to post as much as I could guys :> There are a lot of exams coming. Before christmas. Questo é scandaloso. This was italian, I am a part of the theatre course in my school and I have to play an italian business man. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? :> I pretty much ike it actually.

That's it for now.
your drunken sailor.

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

New York, New York

Like 5 weeks ago, I was visiting N to the Y to the C. I took a lot of photos, about 600 or so, although my girlfriend doesn't think this was enough. Sooo, anyways, I think throughout the coming weeks, I will post some of them, the ones which I think are nice and that it is TOTALLY necessary to show them to you.
By the way, I'm actually german but I want to spread my little blog-flowers all over the world. Muhahahahahahaha. Yeah.
But first of all, a song that fits the photos, so click the play button and enjoy the photos, even if there aren't very much by now.

your drunken sailor