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Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011


partying, drinking, eating, sleeping. Actually everything I did last night :D. 
Unfortunately, there was a theatre-group meeting scheduled for 2:00 pm. I just wanted to stay in my bed the whole day, eat cookies and listen to music. And then go to another party. Birthday. Theatre was fun, anyway.
Everytime I think, Oh, the weekend, I'll just relax, it sounds like a very good idea to me, since there was a lot of stress the last weeks with tons of exams and afternoon spender in school. But then, when I'm sitting here, watching Family Guy or The Simpsons, I think of spending the night in a club or so. That's weird. I'm always bored to death :D
Anyway, I told you of some cookies. My mother baked tons of them yesterday. No shit. We have like 6 boxes full of cookies. 

So, yesterday, I was working on one of my tank tops. I've spilled some acrylic colors over it after I saw this once on asos.com or so, but I didn't want to spend money for it :D Selfmade is always the best.
This is the result:

I'm happy with it :)

BIG NEWS: Snow! Yeah! Hopefully we get a white christmas :) That would be great. 
But it is still not cold enough to keep the snow, it's melting in hours. However, it's SNOW! :D

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